When Megan and her friends use a Ouija board to contact her recently-deceased boyfriend, secrets amongst the group cause friction as they learn that the dead never truly forgive

November sees Dead Reel Films embark on their first 48 hour filmmaking challenge together, courtesy of the Grindhouse Planet Film Festival.

At 6AM on Saturday 16th November 2019  we will receive an email containing a  prop, a prerecorded line of dialogue which must be included in a phone call and an action, all to be used within the film which must be based on the theme “Back From The Dead” (a theme which we are currently using for the film’s title although this could change)

Without giving too much away the film we are looking to create is a supernatural chiller centered around a séance. Despite it being a 48 hour competition we’ve tried to follow the standard pre-production process as best as possible – a script is written, shots have been shot-listed, locations sourced and so on.

That said, given the fact that at the time of writing we don’t know what elements we will need to include we have to be ready to be completely flexible with what we have already planned and really embrace the frantic nature of creating a film within a 48 hour timeframe. Regardless of the outcome an experience like this is a wonderful way to sharpen and hone your filmmaking skills in an unpredictable and fast-paced environment and we are all very excited about taking on this challenge.

Dead Reel Films’ Back From The Dead will be available to view online on Monday 18 November 2019