Directing CarnEVIL of Carnage for me was an experience.

I’d been out the game on the directing side for a little while and this was my first solo project following Hot Tub Horror from earlier this year.  What should have been about 4 to 5 days’ worth of filming, we shot in one day – which if not for the amazing crew I had with me, who shared a very similar idea of what I was wanting to achieve, could not have been done.

I still remember discussing the opening shot in our meetings and watching how Glenns face lit up when I asked him if it could be done – and low and behold, we got that sucker done!

We took all that was thrown at us and overcame them together, thus cementing the trust – which we already had for each other – more solid.

The cast were fantastic and very understanding that some things were simply out of my control. They worked very hard to help us achieve this end result – something I’m quite proud of

I want to thank everyone for this experience. It’s one I won’t forget.

This photo has to be my favourite from the shoot – and one of the most fun scenes to have shot!

I don’t believe there is much footage of myself directing which is a shame but something to learn and go forward with – have a lot of Behind the Scenes footage. Because if anything, its something to look back on with a smile.