So we did a short film based on the popular video game AMONG US and we really enjoyed the process! It was a long crazy weekend of slamming ideas together quick and dirty and doing the whole thing for under 100 bucks!

Please check it out and if you enjoy it, please share and like and tell a friend or a priest and all that kind of thing!

NSFW – You need to sign in as it contains blood and (brief) nudity!

The short film – hosted on YouTube

But WAIT, that’s not all! Because we’re still pushing out MOVIE MADNESS podcast (nearly at our 30th episode!) we did a special episode discussing how we made this short for next to no money, why we did it and why we make original content and work toward dreams in general! Please check it out and enjoy!

And because a few people have asked for it – here is the END CREDITS from AMONG US the short film. Enjoy!

Or Download the SONG HERE.