ItemEstimated CostDescription
Producers£15,000Our intention is that producers will receive a nominal fee plus backend residuals, to keep upfront budget down.
Writers£15,000A set fee split between all writers.
Directors£15,000Our intention is to direct ourselves.
Crew£15,000Camera Operators / Technicians / grips / etc.
Cast£10,000Named actors
Cameos£50,000Cameo roles played by well known actors
Stunt department£5,000Stunts
Film Equipment£30,000All recording devices and lights, cranes, dollys, etc.
Location costs£25,000This is for rental of a scare park or fair for usage of the movie – but can be reduced if partnered with an attraction at a reduced rate.
Set design / building£10,000Usage of sets to create main interiors.
Props design / buying£10,000The film uses costumes, weapons, vehicles etc
Practical Effects / Make up£15,000The film has much blood/practical effects.
Visual Effects£10,000Compositing, etc.
Transportation£5,000To/From set for cast/crew where applicable, and/or transport to final shooting locations; UK or Abroad.
Music rights£10,000Potential usage of popular music for use of selling the soundtrack/promote the film.
Sound design and mixing£5,000
Color grading£2,500
Stills / artwork / promotional£2,500During and post-production work to help create press for the film
Marketing / Festivals£25,000Post-production release work to help secure distribution
Health and Safety£10,000Plus insurance
Miscellaneous£10,000Catering, unforeseen costs, etc.
Total estimated cost:£310,000.00